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Time to get up!

How many of your days begin with,'I don't want to get up!' I am not talking about 'lazy-don't-want-to-get-up'. I am talking about 'I have the worst hangover you can imagine and this day is going to be a total waste'. Can you remember those? Maybe it was this morning. I remember going to bed after a night of drinking and knowing that whatever I had planned for the next day was going to be ruined. If I did not have anything pressing to take care of, I did not get up that day. I would think to myself, 'what a wasted day!' I regretted the night before and felt sorry for myself as I recovered from the night of drinking. But did that stop me from doing it again? Unfortunately not. It did happen again. And when it did, there were things that had to be taken care of. I know, you might be saying 'I never let anything get in the way of providing for my family.' Well, hate to tell you, but just them knowing that you were not in you complete right mind was damage to them. It hurt for them to look at you with a hangover and know that they could not talk to you like they wanted to. You may have been able to do activities with them, but it was not the same as if you were sober. That is a reality check. Addiction is not just about is about everyone around you. No wonder why you don't want to get up. Here is some good news. Jesus is there with you now to help you get up. No matter how many times you fall, if you confess your sins to Him, he will forgive you. And if he will do that for you, why keep up your addiction? If there are people near you who want to help you, why are you telling them 'I don't want to get up!' It is time to get up. Pray for forgiveness and strength to overcome this addiction. Reach out to your accountability partners and sponsors. Keep those emergency phone numbers handy when temptation arises. Reach out to us at Grace Alcohol Recovery. There is no judgement here. It is time to get up!


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