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Recovery is possible

Welcome friends, we are glad you are here at Grace Alcohol Recovery. We pray that you will use this support group to help you walk with Jesus during this journey in addiction. A friend once told me, after completing a 12-step program 'These recovery programs will be part of my life for as long as I live. And that is a great thing!' Why was it seen as a great thing? Don't people want to get through the program to move on with their lives? My friend realized a couple things about recovery. First, Jesus' had died for his sins, and he was now free to be a child of God. Second, he had close friends who he could walk with during the rest of his life. These friends knew what he was going through and the struggles of staying clean. He knew that through Christ he was free to live a new life. He knew that Jesus loved him every second of his journey in addiction. He also knew that Jesus was making him into the new creation he always was meant to be.

We look forward to having you visit our site, and contact us for whatever need you have. Good bless you today!

Les Schaefer

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